Database Management : An Elementary Approach

Tiffany Edwards and William Mitchell work on a database management job at Colormark Inc.

“There’s quite a few details underneath the audit, but a lot of it is based on the unique situation of the environment and the compensating controls that are built to layer security,” notes Frank Powell, vice president of information technology at GLS Companies. “I see a general trend toward an increase in security awareness among our clients, and not just the health care and financial services companies.”

Keeping It Safe and Secure

Doug Hammerseng, vice president of sales for GLS Companies, notes that about a dozen clients had requested information regarding the handling of their data and its security. After investigating options, GLS decided to opt for the SOC 2 reports.

“We were trying to figure out, from a sales perspective, what…would grab a prospective client’s attention,” he says. “Security breaches have garnered a lot of media coverage, and we knew that it was a growing concern. (SOC 2 audit standards) formally puts us out there in front of the market.”

Data security is only part of GLS’ value proposition. The printer serves an advisory role with clients at the genesis of a campaign, leveraging past experiences to provide guidance on messaging and market targeting. Multichannel integration, including QR codes, PURLs and Websites, augments the essential, traditional direct mail-based address hygiene functions such as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification, NCOA (National Change of Address) and Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) tracking services.

“With postage being the largest part of direct mail campaigns, we do everything we can with customers’ files to optimize their postage,” says Steve Lasher, GLS’ head of mailing operations. “That includes looking at drop-shipping entry points, meeting critical in-home dates and doing LTL (less than truckload) directs, where we enter the mail into the SCF (sectional center facility) to coincide with the sale or event. We work closely with customers to help plan their campaigns.”

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