Dan Gelbart Named 2008 Reed Technology Medal Recipient

ROCHESTER, NY/PITTSBURGH—March 12, 2009—Dan Gelbart, often credited as the father of modern computer-to-plate (CTP) technology for the printing industry, has been named the recipient of the 2008 Printing Industries of America Robert F. Reed Technology Medal. Gelbart will receive the award at a luncheon during the 2009 Technical Association for the Graphic Arts (TAGA) Annual Technical Conference in New Orleans on March 16.

Co-founder of Creo Products, Inc., in 1983, Gelbart developed a number of patented CTP technologies and was instrumental in the transition from an analog, film-based workflow to the current digital platemaking environments found in most service provider facilities. Gelbart’s light valve thermal imaging system, or thermal imaging head, is used today by all major manufacturers of thermal CTP systems.

“Dan shaped the digital prepress landscape with his inventions and unique insight into the needs of graphic communications professionals,” said Doug Edwards, General Manager, Prepress Solutions, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “Many of the high quality, high performance solutions on the market today benefit from his expertise, and Kodak has been very fortunate to gain access to Dan’s technologies through its acquisition of Creo several years ago. This recognition certainly is well deserved.”

During his career, Gelbart has been a named inventor on more than 70 patents for plate handling, direct on-press imaging, flexographic methodology, processless flexography, and more. Gelbart’s technological innovations and successes were integral to Creo’s growth. Creo was acquired by Kodak in 2005, and Gelbart retired from Kodak in 2008.

Throughout his life, Gelbart’s primary interest has been developing technology and products that combine electronics, optics, and precision mechanics. His work has been recognized within the scientific and research community, as well as in the graphic arts marketplace. He was awarded the B.C. Science Council Gold Medal in 1986, a GATF (now Printing Industries of America) InterTech™ Technology Award for Innovative Excellence in 1994, and the Gold Medal from the Institute of Printing in 1999.

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