Dalim to Show the Evolution of its ES Technology at GRAPH EXPO

KEHL, GERMANY—Sept. 7, 2011—Dalim Software, developers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will be focusing on the three deliverables of ‘Integrate, Automate, Collaborate,’ highlighting its customer-facing online file delivery and approval platform, ES (Enterprise Solution) at GRAPH EXPO, Booth 229 in Chicago, Sept. 11-14. Visitors to the booth who learn how to include their business processes of product planning along with their automated collaborative media workflows may enter to win an Apple iPad.

Whether a magazine page, catalog page, bottle label or newspaper ad, managing a project is made up of many tasks, and requires the involvement of the entire supply chain. ES is a complete web-based solution, combining the technical aspects of production along with the lifecycle business workflow of multi-channel content. With seamless integration to third-party applications ranging from MIS to ERP systems to very specialized premedia applications, ES lets users plan, execute and control every aspect of media production, regardless of the final destination channel (print, web, ebook, mobile, and others).

ES: GRAPH EXPO Presentation
Dalim Software will demonstrate in regularly scheduled presentations the power of its ES technology, showing business processes of project planning, including milestones and sophisticated approval processes, and combining them with production tasks such as color accurate virtual soft proofing.

Managing a complete project consists of more than just the approval workflow. With TWIST workflow features, automation reaches nearly unlimited possibilities, by adding prepress tasks as milestones, anywhere between the first artwork draft and final imposed form. Tasks and priorities can be assigned to any facet of a project, whether a single file, or directed to a group of users. The ES FTP server can upload files with production parameters passed at file delivery through the Web interface.

Dialogue Engine: An integrative soft proofing solution
With the Dialogue Engine soft proofing server, productivity is gained from an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, within a working environment the end user recognizes immediately as his own. As a Software Development Kit (SDK), Dialogue Engine is an integrative part of any existing third-party DAM or custom-designed web page. Clients simply add soft proofing capabilities to a system they already feel comfortable with. Given the right permissions, any document, from first artwork draft to final imposed form located on the server, is instantly available for review in a standard web browser. No plug-ins are required.

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