Leading Automaker Uses Heidelberg Software for Development Work

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY—February 28, 2013—Daimler AG is now using software from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) at all of its development sites to check the quality of product data in the CAD environment (CAx data). The quality of CAx data has a key impact on costs throughout the product life cycle.

“Daimler’s decision to use software from Heidelberg is a major vote of confidence in us,” says Stephan Plenz, member of the management board responsible for Heidelberg equipment. “It is a milestone in our strategy of using innovative products to break into customer segments outside the print media industry.”

At the touch of a button, the CAx Quality Manager from Heidelberg checks the quality of product data for the entire process chain—from development and production to assembly and service. Users can check individual components, complete assemblies, or drawings. The system indicates errors, suggests corrections, and documents all results, which enables errors to be identified and rectified at an early stage. It also improves the quality of the existing CAx data, which provides a sound basis for modifying and further developing products.

Heidelberg has been using the system to check its own CAx data for around six years and has been continuously improving the software. Particular benefits of the current version include intuitive operation and the speed of the checking process. Users can run the software in their existing work environment without much need for training and can also add their own checking routines. What’s more, the software supports the configuration of CAD-models in line with customized CAx methods and standards.

Heidelberg launched the CAx Quality Manager onto the market in summer 2012 and has so far won more than 30 customers with the benefits of the product.

Heidelberg Engineering Consulting

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG distributes CAx Quality Manager through Heidelberg Engineering Consulting. This unit is a highly-specialized center of competence for CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM. Its workforce advises and trains companies from a wide range of sectors on all relevant issues related to the process chain and works closely with customers in developing solutions designed to optimize CAx/PLM processes.

Source: Heidelberg.

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