Customizable School Yearbooks Hit the Presses this Week

Furthermore, at a time when many schools are struggling with tight budgets, TreeRing saves schools money by eliminating all yearbook costs for the school by having families order online directly from TreeRing. This means schools are no longer required to place burdensome deposits for yearbooks. There are also no minimum purchase commitments and no leftover inventory at year end. Additionally, this efficient yearbook creation process has kept yearbook prices extremely low for parents.

“We are now able to offer customizable yearbooks in full color for about the same price as an old-fashioned black and white yearbook,” remarked Dunya Shaw, Principal at Our Savior’s Lutheran School in San Clemente, California. “Parents want to see photos of their children in the yearbook, and student wants to look back at their specific memories. Because of the simple customization capabilities at TreeRing, we can now offer yearbooks that are just as much about the student as they are about the school.”

TreeRing yearbooks are initially produced in much the same way as old-fashioned yearbooks. A team of dedicated individuals – teachers, students, parents, or some combination of all three – assembles a collection of student head shots, faculty pictures and images that commemorate select school events such as athletics, arts and the like. Thanks to TreeRing’s on-demand printing, however, schools have a much later publication date for their yearbooks, meaning that events and personal photos from later in the year can still be incorporated into the yearbook.

“After years of struggling with yearbook deadlines, I couldn’t believe how easy it has been to put the yearbook together this year using TreeRing,” according to Mary Mcgowan, PTA Member & Yearbook Editor, Colonial School, Pelham, New York. “The best part of the process is that no child is left behind, so to speak. Every student is the star of their own yearbook.”

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