Customers Endorse Heidelberg Systemservice Maintenance Program

KENNESAW, GA—April 29, 2010—Across the U.S., customers that received Heidelberg’s Systemservice 36plus Service Package with the purchase of a new press three years ago are confirming the benefits of Heidelberg Systemservice by extending their coverage with full service contracts on their valuable investments.

Like Systemservice 36plus, Heidelberg’s full-service program far exceeds the industry standard with a schedule of benefits that includes:

• Full coverage of all needed repairs, including travel costs
• All repair service parts in connection with work performed by Heidelberg service technicians
• All software updates for the duration of the program
• eCall intelligent notification system providing a quick and qualified callback
• Expert technical support
• Direct Priority Access for quick answers when you need them
• Web-based Remote Service for fast problem resolution
• 5,500 hours per year additional availability through the Global Expert Network 24/7

No Shortcuts
Printers understand that in order to make a profit, they need to provide their clients with quality products while operating at maximum productivity. That’s precisely why Heidelberg structures its full-service program to guarantee high production through greater press availability and increased effective machine usage.

Said Mike Lunsforn, plant manager at Knight Abbey in Biloxi, Miss.,

“We stick to a rigorous schedule of regular preventive maintenance with Heidelberg Systemservice. When our Heidelberg presses were new and for three years afterward, we enjoyed the many benefits of Systemservice 36plus, including web-based Remote Service and eCall notification, and experienced a significant increase in the overall productivity of our pressroom.” The busy commercial printer recently extended the Systemservice coverage on its Printmaster PM 74 and Speedmaster SM 74 perfector. “In our opinion, Heidelberg Systemservice is the reason our machines continue to run as reliably and productively as they do,” he said.

According to Lunsforn, Heidelberg service technicians are extremely thorough during their routine equipment checks. “They not only do the usual cleaning and greasing, but also pull the guards and covers and clean out filters—things that other service personnel don’t do.”

One Call Starts the Ball Rolling

Time is of the essence, of course, and Heidelberg Systemservice provides a variety of ways for printers to get the help they need when they need it, without necessarily requesting an on-site service call. Both Heidelberg Remote Service and eCall notification offer phone- and web-based diagnostic information that often enable a company to troubleshoot and correct minor problems on its own.

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