CTP–Hot, Hotter, Hottest!!!

What’s the latest technological perks to thermal platesetting? What is the hot news on thermal consumables? What recent thermal purchases are fueling CTP? What’s the current talk on thermal? Here are hot bytes on the hottest developments.


Thermal innovator Creo Products and Heidelberg Prepress report the installation of the 1,000th CTP system at Holland, MI-based Steketee-Van Huis. SVH recently took delivery of its new Trendsetter Spectrum 3244 digital halftone proofing system. The installation of the thermal Spectrum marks the 1,000th digital CTP system implemented by Creo and Heidelberg. Of the 1,000 installs, roughly 900 have been thermal.

At Steketee-Van Huis, the Trendsetter Spectrum will image Imation Matchprint laser proof media and will be driven by a Barco workflow through the Creo Recorder Interface (CRI). The entire production process will be fingerprinted to ensure consistent results.

June marked the second anniversary of the Heidelberg/Creo partnership and, together, the two thermal CTP proponents are installing more than 40 new CTP systems per month, predominately to small- to medium-sized commercial printers. The 1,000 tally includes thermal CTP systems sold by Creo prior to the partnership.

Agfa is offering an interesting twist to its Galileo family of CTP devices, including the GalileoT thermal output machine. The Odyssey solution is intended to speed service response time for Agfa customers requiring diagnostic or upgrade support for the company’s Galileo. The Odyssey remote customer support system allows service technicians to conduct upgrades and diagnostics over the network, thanks to a full-duplex audio and visual transmission with a portable video camera at the Galileo, providing a visual troubleshooting edge.

Agfa’s second generation thermal plates do not require a pre-bake unit, resulting in lower operating cost and perhaps more importantly, fewer production variables to control or monitor. Thermostar features simple, high-yield developing, processed in EP26 developer. This clean working aqueous developer is a common positive plate developer that has been in use for years. Thermostar offers the option to post-bake—not a bad idea, with run length extension the result of any baking efforts.

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