CTP–Hot, Hotter, Hottest!!!

Thermostar P971 is matched to the Agfa GalileoT and will work with other 1,064nm thermal laser head devices. Thermostar P970 is compatible with all external drum machines—it has been qualified on Creo and Scitex systems.

Creo recently reported to Agfa that its technologists were pleased with the latitude of the P970 and were satisfied with its imaging performance.”

Fujifilm’s Brillia LH-PI thermal plate, with medium run lengths of less than 300,000 impressions with no pre- or post-baking required, recently scored a hit with Ambassador Press, a Minneapolis-based printer specializing in healthcare and pharmaceutical work.

Ambassador Press was one of the first commercial printers in the Minneapolis area to use the Fujifilm Brillia plate, when Brillia was introduced four years ago. Ambassador Press reports the Brillia technology works well with its existing Scitex output devices.

In other Brillia developments, Screen (USA) reports that Screen’s PlateRite 8000 thermal platesetter, capable of imaging 12 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi, is marking success with Fuji’s Brillia

LH-PI medium run-length thermal plate. Screen’s PlateRite 8000 thermal CTP device is compatible with Screen’s TaigaSPACE, in addition to Adobe, Harlequin and Rampage RIPs. Brillia, in addition to Creo and Screen output devices, supports the Javelin T9000 thermal CTP device, recently launched by Fujifilm, as well as the Scitex Lotem.

What’s the status on PEARL? The second generation of Presstek’s PEARLgold is in the works. This product will provide run lengths of more than 50,000 impressions and wider fountain/ink compatibility. Future versions of process-free media will have run lengths in excess of 100,000 impressions. Presstek’s PEARLdry will undergo further improvements, including increased run length and process-free capability.

Presstek manufactures two basic media products: PEARLdry and PEARLgold, both of which use thermal ablation as the imaging mechanism. Thermal ablation allows for chemical-free cleaning and, in the case of PEARLgold, fully process-free imaging. At present, PEARLdry Plus is a standard media used in the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI press. Standard PEARLdry media is also used in Heidelberg’s GTO-DI, Adast’s 705C DI and the 74 Karat digital offset press from the joint venture, KBA/Scitex.

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