CreoScitex–Inside the Creo Momentum

Dozens of strategic meetings, several industry-wide rumors and (give or take) $537 million later, Vancouver-based Creo buys the worldwide digital prepress business of Scitex. How will this change the computer-to-plate market? What does this mean for Scitex digital prepress devices? Creo Vice President David Brown is the answer man.


There are times in the commercial printing industry, specifically in the area of digital prepress, when breaking news tends to be slow. Manufacturers are quiet; there is nothing notable to report…business as usual. Then, Creo buys Scitex. Not completely out of left field but, still, in its own right, a bit of a shocker.

In a deal valued at approximately $537 million, Creo and Scitex announced in late January that the two companies would merge their digital prepress businesses worldwide—with Creo acquiring the assets of Scitex’s digital prepress business in exchange for 13.25 million Creo shares, giving Scitex roughly 27 percent of the outstanding shares of Creo.

Overnight, or so it seems, the industry now has Creo/Scitex. But what of Heidelberg/Creo? What about Scitex and its relationship with Komori? And are the two companies (Creo/Scitex, that is) eventually going to play under the Creo banner? How will this technological merger impact the distribution channel, or is it too early to forecast? What will be Creo’s greatest challenge in absorbing the digital prepress components of Scitex—Brisque, EverSmart, Lotem and all?

David Brown, vice president of business strategy for Creo Products, can address these questions. He joined Creo in 1990, as employee No. 47, working as a project manager for the development of imagesetter engines and later heading up Creo’s R&D group before moving into his current position. He has a degree in automation engineering from Simon Fraser University.

Evidently, he must also hold a degree in the art of marketing a technology company. If anyone can fill in some of these very early blanks regarding Creo’s takeover of the Scitex prepress operation, it is Brown, who kindly agreed to talk with Printing Impressions on this very hot topic.

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