‘Creative Workflow Management’ Drives Efficiencies in Branding and Packaging Production

NEW YORK—July 13, 2009—Intense time-to-market pressures, tightened production budgets and high regulatory hurdles are all conspiring to make things difficult for creative teams linked to the brand management, packaging and marketing functions.

But a new approach, leveraging both technology and process management, has emerged that offers the potential to drive substantial value throughout the creative production process, harmonizing the day-today work of brand execution with upstream “product lifecycle management” (PLM) efforts focused on organizational efficiency. That’s the finding of a new white paper released this morning by Winterberry Group, a leading New York-based strategic consulting firm serving the advertising and marketing industries.

Sponsored by Kodak, the white paper, entitled “Creative Workflow Management: Bringing Science to the Art of Brand Execution,” explores the very significant opportunities now emerging around creative workflow management (CWM)—the dedicated set of tools and processes designed to optimize the development of creative elements and associated data through the product development cycle.

The paper explores both the leading drivers of CWM adoption, as well as the factors that are expected to support continued expansion of the practice—especially in conjunction with the PLM approach—over the coming years. Among other findings, it concludes that:

• CWM has emerged as a primary approach for brand and packaging managers to improve operational efficiencies, relieve stresses on the supply chain, reduce design costs and shorten time-to-market cycles

• CWM solutions serve as a bridge to existing PLM tools, enhancing platform functionality and mitigating the need for parallel systems and complicated system integrations

• CWM allows creative production teams to engender a range of efficient new processes through the definition (and subsequent optimization) of those discrete production workflows required for its implementation

• CWM facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, allowing global brands to gain upfront buy-in across languages and geographies, streamlining the approvals process and minimizing the risk of errors

Brand and Design “Art” Meets Production “Science”—and Dramatic Efficiencies Result—Via New Creative Execution Discipline

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