Printer Submits Refund to Customer in Pennies

FRESNO, CA—The war over a $230 printing job has brought in a president who was quite familiar with heated battles: Abraham Lincoln. Make that Honest Abe times 23,000.

According to Fox 26, George Whitman took Mega Prints and owner Chris Pacheco to small claims court over the printing quality of a job. Whitman argued the job was repeatedly done incorrectly, and the court sided with him, entering a judgment for the plaintiff of $230.

Apparently, Pacheco may have run short on paper checks, for soon after the judgment, a diesel truck with a lift gate showed up at Whitman’s home, lugging a 210-pound crate, Fox 26 reported. Inside were 23,000 Lincolns, though it’s safe to say that with that volume, a few Canadian pennies probably slipped in. Nonetheless, a numismatist’s dream.

An accompanying letter reportedly expressed Pacheco’s regret that “we did not expose the court to the real you (meaning Whitman).”

Between the crating and delivery of the pennies, Whitman estimates it probably cost Mega Prints another $100 or so to unleash Pacheco’s sarcastic payoff.

“So what is the lesson? That he’s an idiot?” mused Whitman, who now has threatened to sue Mega Prints whatever it costs him to deposit the pennies.

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  • aspireforbill

    Now THAT’s funny!

  • aspireforbill

    The thing is, even if this bonehead sues him, the PR alone is worth every, um, penny!!!