Online Printer Claims Court Victory over Vistaprint

RADEBEUL, GERMANY—Online printer and its subsidiary, print24 GmbH, has claimed final judgment victory in a German Provincial High Court against Vistaprint. It reaffirms a 2010 verdict reached by the Dresden District Court that determined Vistaprint had gained a competitive advantage through unfair competition practices.

A Regional Court verdict last September ruled that Vistaprint is obliged to disclose information and pay any compensation due to print24. The ruling was appealed by Vistaprint to the Provincial High Court. This verdict is final, according to

According to, Vistaprint must disclose the scale of the anti-competitive free advertising, outstanding orders, resulting turnover and incurred costs resulting from those orders. In addition, print24 will be compensated for damages caused by the unlawful actions conducted by Vistaprint starting from Feb. 11, 2011. The amount in dispute was set at €170,000.

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  • Day2DayPrinting

    Well iam personally glad that won their case. Printing is a pretty competitive business no doubt and sometimes its difficult for smaller companies to compete. I know we have a hard time, when ever we run our Adwords we get a lot of click fraud, no doubt from competitors.