Courier Corp. Orders Second HP T300 Inkjet Web Press

PALO ALTO, CA—09/21/2010—Courier Corp. has purchased a second HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, extending a highly successful HP T300 operation that produces offset-equivalent books on coated and uncoated papers.

Installed in March, the first HP T300 digital press now operates three shifts a day, five days a week at Courier to meet surging demand among educational publishers that use digital printing to improve profitability on textbook titles at lower run lengths. The press has also helped Courier slash supply chain costs for its own Dover Publications line of trade books.

“There’s real money out there for publishers using the HP T300 because it reduces inventories, reduces obsolescence and frees up working capital,” said James F. Conway III, Chairman, President and CEO of Courier Corp. “Publishers are starting to manage their titles with a mind toward total cost instead of unit cost, and have discovered there can be a significant amount of savings associated with making digital print part of a title’s life cycle.”

The press so nice they bought it twice

For Courier, North America’s third-largest book manufacturer, the HP T300 provides access to complementary publishing market segments that the firm’s extensive web offset print operation cannot reach. The excellent reliability and high uptime Courier witnessed in its first four months running the press led the company to purchase a second HP T300 scheduled for delivery this month.

“With the success Courier and other book manufacturers in North America and Europe achieved this year using their HP T300 presses, 2010 has become the point in time when high-volume digital production sparks a positive transformation in the mainstream market for printed books,” said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. “The reliable, productive, end-to-end workflows HP is selling and installing today are having a real impact, and Courier’s decision to continue growing with a second HP T300 order underscores that fact.”

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