Corporate Press–Printer Plays All Positions


In baseball, most players are specialists, spending their days in both the minor and major leagues at the same position. Some players become specialists in the extreme—relief pitchers who are particularly effective against left-handed batters, for example. But even in this age of specialization, the utility infielder is a particularly valued player. The ability to play any position when called upon has even entered our daily lexicon, with the term “covering all bases” indicating versatility and broad capability.

Printing, too, is often a game of specialties. Most printers focus on a single process, such as offset; some base their business upon a single press or finishing machine. Even printers that offer color separation services or a variety of finishing options often do so primarily as an adjunct to only one specific type of printing, such as sheetfed.

In this business of specialties, Corporate Press of Landover, MD, stands out as a utility player. Unlike printers that seek business to fit their equipment, Corporate Press seeks to accommodate virtually all of the replication needs of its printing customers.

Corporate Press facilities literally ring Washington—with operations in Landover and Frederick, MD, and in Fairfax, VA, serving the needs of business customers throughout the metropolitan area. And the needs served are varied indeed—ranging from both webfed and sheetfed work of up to five colors to two-color perfecting envelope printing; from electronic prepress to list maintenance and fulfillment; from creative design and typesetting to a myriad of bindery options; and from high-speed copying to full video production and duplicating.

Together, these elements comprise a $25 million per year business with nearly 200 employees working six days a week on three shifts. And focusing on orderly growth and meeting the needs of customers, management expects the business to nearly double in the next 10 years.

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