Corporate Press Installing Komori Lithrone Super Perfector Sheetfed Press

LANHAM, MD—Jan. 18, 2012—Corporate Press has made an impressive new addition to its already significant printing capabilities. Just before Christmas, several flatbed trucks carrying giant pieces of equipment pulled off the beltway in Lanham, delivering a Komori Lithrone 540 Super Perfector sheetfed press.

With its powerful ability to operate at a running speed of 13,000 sheets per hour, the Komori prints both sides of the sheet in one pass, making it ideal for medium- to long-run publications, direct mail components, newsletters, books, brochures and other customer needs.

“We feel the addition of the Komori 540 SP will complement our diversification into digital printing technology,” says Mike Marcian, CEO and Chairman, who just won the lifetime achievement award from the Printing Industries of America for his dedication and foresight in anticipating new trends in the field.

For Corporate Press, which has been a leader in printing, mailing and direct marketing for almost 60 years, and is one of the few employee-owned companies left in the metropolitan area, the Komori 540 SP provides numerous advantages. Its automation brings efficiency gains in makeready and running speeds, perfecting both sides of the sheet in one pass, improving production scheduling while reducing costs.

Because the paper path through the press has no turn bars, it grips one side of the paper while a belt style delivery enhances front to back print quality, which minimizes the errors with marking common with traditional long perfecting presses. In addition, the Komori 540 SP greatly improves color management due to its digital connection to prepress and PDC-S color management. It also allows the monitoring and adjustment of color while running.

“With the printing industry continuing to suffer the same economic problems facing other companies regardless of the products they produce, my approach is to focus on emerging technologies, and drawing other printing companies into the Corporate Press family,” Marcian says. “My goal has always been delivering the highest quality to our customers in the shortest time possible, and the Komori 540 SP will do just that.”

The press will be ready for live production by late January, and the company is planning an open house in early spring to discuss its benefits in more depth.

About Corporate Press
Corporate Press was one of the first printing companies to embrace variable data digital print capabilities. Today, the company’s premier location in Lanham, Maryland, is home to its state-of-the-art Kodak digital color printing presses, with multiple Kodak NexPress units as well as many black lasers for longer run traditional direct mail and short-run book publishing. The company owns and operates two production facilities in Maryland, encompassing over 125,000 square feet of web, sheetfed and digital print production space, and 150,000 square feet dedicated to fulfillment services.

Source: Corporate Press.

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