Cork Industries Launches GREEN20, a New Series of Environmetally-Friendly UV Coatings

FOLCROFT, PA—April 25, 2014—Cork Industries announces the development and introduction of GREEN20, one of a series of responsible UV coating products of emerging sustainable green technology, where conventional petrochemical-based materials are being replaced by renewable bio resourced materials. Benefits include a lower and safer HMIS 1, 1, 1, B rating, and a significantly reduced odor before, during, and after curing—reducing air quality concerns and liability, and appealing to pressroom and print end users.

Competitively priced, high gloss, workhorse, GREEN20 excels for inline coating over heatset, UV, hybrid, and offline on primed conventional inks printed on a wide variety of substrates. It is 100 percent reactive, solvent-free, zero-VOC, fast curing and energy saving. Non-flammable, it is being safely shipped and stored in round, stackable, non-returnable, recyclable totes.

Source: Cork Industries.

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