Copy General Lays Claim to First U.S. Install of a Xerox iGen 150 Press

DULLES, VA—Nov. 20, 2012—At 32-feet long, eight-feet tall and weighing around four tons, the Xerox iGen 150 press is a behemoth when it comes to digital printing. When it came time to select the first U.S. installation site, Xerox chose mid-size, Washington, DC-area Copy General.

“We’ve been a Xerox customer for over 30 years,” said Ken Chaletzky, president. “We have frequently been a beta site or early adopter of their equipment. But this new iGen 150 is a huge leap forward in quality and productivity.”

Installation Day
The press arrived early on a Thursday morning. Riggers, technicians and a large forklift were ready. The same Xerox technicians who installed Copy General’s original iGen3 more than 10 years ago were there to repeat the task with the iGen 150. They were determined to have it in production in one day. And they succeeded. By the end of the day the press was printing and Copy General delivered its first billable jobs to clients the next day.

Digital printing has long taken a back seat to offset when it comes to quality. But digital printing has improved a lot in just the past couple of years. The iGen 150 is at least as good as offset. Most people can’t tell the difference in side-by-side comparisons or they prefer the digitally printed version.

The new iGen press prints 150 pages per minute with a 2,400-dpi resolution for excellent quality. It has a maximum sheet size of 14.33 x 26˝. Using variable-data printing software, Copy General can print personalized and addressed direct-mail at a rate of over 35,000 pieces per hour.

Open House
Copy General will be hosting an open-house on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012, where guests will have a chance to tour the plant and see the new press in action. Jeff Jacobson, Xerox’s president of Global Graphic Communications Operations, will be “cutting the ribbon.” Local political and business leaders are expected to attend along with many clients, prospects and other guests.

Source: Copy General.

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