Copy Craft Printers of Lubbock, TX, Changes Name to Slate Group to Reflect Its Range of Services

LUBBOCK, TX—August 6, 2014—Copy Craft Printers, a $25M annual revenue commercial printing company, is excited to announce their new name of Slate Group.

Slate Group offers offset, digital, and display graphics printing, as well as graphic design and direct mailing services for clients locally and nationwide. The company began in 1985 as a copy shop and over the last 29 years they have grown significantly by adding new services and solutions for customers all across the nation.

The board of directors met in late 2013 to discuss the future of the company and assessed that in order to grow, a name change was imperative. The name Copy Craft has been a great brand nationally and locally, but the name became limiting as the company grew to provide new services for its customers.

“Slate Group is going to help us grow into our national presence, where it doesn’t lock us into one service and it also gives us a lot of room for growth,” said Trey Laverty, marketing director.

Marc Hayes, president and CEO, also noted: “Slate Group’s focus is going to be on developing relationships with customers understanding what their needs are and adapting to their needs. We want to attract the right customers, we want to do the right thing, we want to live the right way and we simply want to become better every day. If we do that we will be successful.”

The change from Copy Craft Printers to Slate Group is in the name only and is not associated with any financial transaction or merger.

Source: Slate Group.

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