CONSOLIDATED PRESS — Landscapes in Print

Paper of Choice

Hennessy specified Domtar’s Titanium Opaque 100-lb. cover and 100-lb. text in white for the book project. “I chose Titanium because it has great aesthetic appeal. The spectrum of light dances across the surface of the images, giving it movement and dimension. It was important for the project to exude both the light of the outdoors and the tactile properties of trees, grass and stone.”

The tactile power of paper allowed for elaborate details, like the brightly colored cover images with contrasting text, to dramatically illustrate the book beyond simple illustration, according to Hennessy.

“By using an uncoated paper, the piece conveys the combination of culture and concept that was found throughout the actual competition and its gardens.”

Using an uncoated stock was also essential to the black-and-white architectural sketches throughout the piece.

Hennessy worked with Consolidated Press, based in Elk Grove Village, IL, to print “Constructed Ground.” The printer’s objective was to communicate both the visual and tactile qualities of the book. It was essential that Consolidated highlight the premium quality of Hennessy’s work, which would be demonstrated, literally, at the readers’ fingertips. They looked to create eye-popping images, but also readable text.

Consolidated Press ran the four-color job on a 40˝ Komori sheetfed offset press. The printer also employed stochastic screening to bring out vibrancy and depth in the printed images.

“By applying the stochastic screening, our results were vibrant, crystal-clear photographic images and sketches free of screen rulings and angles or other interferences,” notes Mark Jaskiewicz, production manager at Consolidated Press.

“Titanium Opaque made all the difference with this project,” he adds. “We achieved excellent ink lay down and superior hold-out. The extra-fast dry time was also ideal. We didn’t want to deal with the text spoiling an image or a sketch by bleeding through, so it was important to the printing of this piece that we use a strong opaque paper.”

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