CONSOLIDATED PRESS — Landscapes in Print

Capturing a sense of place and event on the printed page is often an important goal for graphic designers. From rock concert venues to battlefields to a city’s cultural heritage, designers are asked to create designs that capture both a geographic locale, as well as a place in history. The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) had this in mind when it set out to commemorate its new Millennium Park Garden.

To celebrate both the landscape of the new lake-front park and the unique architectural competition that led to its design, the DCA commissioned a commemorative art book to be sold in park gift shops and local bookstores. The Hennessy Design Group worked with the DCA to create “Constructed Ground: The Millennium Garden Design Competition.”

The large-format book utilizes photo-graphy of the Millennium Park and architectural drawings submitted for consideration in a contest that was also sponsored by the DCA. The result is a book that captures the beauty of a real-world location and the ideas and talent that went into creating it. By allowing the garden space and designs to speak for themselves through sketches and photography, the design team created a timeless design on the printed page.

Hennessy Design proved that the depth of architectural design can be effectively conveyed on a printed page.

Clare Hennessy, who led in the design of the commemorative book, explains how “Constructed Ground” began. “It was important for this design to both memorialize the Millennium Park competition, as well as capture the essence of the finished park and gardens,” she says.

“Creating texture and depth in the pages draws the reader into photographs. We chose an uncoated paper to give texture and dimension to the photographs of outdoor spaces. Our goal was to capture the warmth and depth you would feel walking through the Millennium Park on a sunny day.”

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