Congressman Pat Tiberi Visits Hopkins Printing

U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi speaks to Hopkins Printing employee owners.

COLUMBUS, OH—Oct. 26, 2010—Hopkins Printing had the opportunity to host Congressman Pat Tiberi of the 12th District of Ohio in its plant on Tuesday. Jim Hopkins and Roy Waterhouse gave Tiberi a tour of the facilities during which time they were able to speak about the value Employee Stock Ownership Plans bring to a company, its employees and the community.

The Congressman then took a few minutes to speak to the employees of Hopkins regarding ESOPs and his current re-election campaign. He fielded questions from the employees on Social Security, postage, ESOPs and healthcare.

Nationally, 11,000 companies function as ESOPs, which operate through trusts that enable a company to be employee owned. Hopkins Printing’s transition to an ESOP has proven to be a positive shift for the company by empowering the work force and allowing each employee’s actions and hard work to directly impact their financial futures.

“An ESOP is beneficial for our company not only because it helps attract and retain the best employees, but it encourages coworkers to take personal initiative for their financial success,” said Hopkins Printing Folder Operator Mike VanAtta.

It is important to employee owned companies that members of Congress and senators are not only aware of ESOP legislation, but that they support it. Hopkins Printing’s 100 employees contribute to the 8 million employees working for ESOPs nationally. When accounting for the families that depend on ESOP employees, a significant number of Americans are affected by this legislation.

“We wish to thank Congressman Pat Tiberi and his staff for taking the time to visit with us during the National ESOP month of October. We hope that Congressman Tiberi can go back to Washington and convince his colleagues that the real strength of this great nation is in American companies owned and operated by American workers,” commented Hopkins’ CST Prepress Manager Dave Gosiewski.

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