Concerns Regarding Postal Inspection Services Initiative for Move Update

Complexities Associated with Compliance with the Move Update Process

These very large mailers have been under the impression that they have been doing a very good job and not because they believe themselves to be legends in their own minds. Since they began mailing, their local Post Office, and I don’t care what city you are in, the message is the same, they hear from their local Post Offices about what a great customer they are of the United States Postal Service—what a great partner they are! They hear this numerous times throughout the year from all of their local postal officials.

Their BMEU acceptance folks, even if they have plant loads; in-house postal people or they are dealing with outside mailing service providers—they are continually receiving this praise for the quality of their mail. There are even instances where the clerks who are processing their mail through MERLIN flat out say to them in emails—your mail is so great, we no longer even scan it because we never have any issues with your barcodes. We never have any issues with print quality. You have great mail!

It is understandable that these large companies would have no idea there is anything wrong with their mail. And then they get a phone call from a Postal Inspector who is requesting a meeting and that Postal Inspector shows up and says “show me on your mailing statement which move update methods you are currently utilizing.”

The mailer is using a service provider and is unsure of what is being marked by their mailing agent on the statements. But surely, there cannot be a problem. They have been using the same in-house method for many years and they had no idea they had problems with the mail.

Upon further investigation, the mailer determines that no USPS approved move update method is being used. The Postal Inspector goes back and says well there are these four methods and a 99% accuracy test. And the customer says, “we will submit the files for 99% accuracy.” And the Inspector will say “well no, you would have had to do that before the fact.”

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