Secret Ingredients Revealed –DeWese

I wrote my first column for Printing Impressions 27 years ago. It was published in the November 1984 edition of the magazine. This is also my 300th column. I only write 11 columns annually because the July edition each year is the Master Specifier buyer’s guide issue, which contains no regular editorial content.

It was entirely coincidental that two of my long-time readers lifted a quote from my September column and produced a t-shirt bearing the quote. You remember the words—a one, a two, a three, “90% of success is showing up with a little talent.” So sayeth Harris DeWese, circa 2011. They printed the quote on a shirt that is exactly the right size. (That’s me wearing the shirt above.)

I haven’t taken the t-shirt off since it arrived. And, boy oh boy, I am having some kind of good luck. Or better yet, I’m showin’ up and having great success. Well, I had a brainstorm so I called my benefactors, Ginger and Jim Erwin, who are the proud owners of Northwoods Printing LLC, and asked them if they would accept orders for the t-shirt.

My hunch is that, with winter comin‘ on, hundreds of you will want some Mañana Man Mojo rubbin‘ up close to your skin and working its magic on your customers.

Here’s all you have to do. Send your name, address and t-shirt size to Jim Erwin, c/o Northwoods Printing, 330 East Superior St., Munising, MI 49862. Just in case, the phone number is (906) 387-5077, the fax is (906) 387-5047 or 
e-mail northwoodsprinting@ Enclose your mailing address and a check. Even more convenient, just go to their Website,, to order online. To make things even more sweet, I’ll send you one of my books for your bathroom reading pleasure at no extra charge. The t-shirt and the book are only $25, and the shipping is on us.

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