Print Rep Recognized by Audi for 300,000 Miles Driven

HERNDON, VA—March 14, 2011—Two Minnesota Audi owners have celebrated 300,000 miles driven on their Audi vehicles. Don deChambeau, 63, of St. Cloud, and Don Nygaard, 74, of Roseville, bought their cars at the Maplewood Audi dealership near the Twin Cities and have driven their vehicles for more than 10 years.

Don deChambeau, a commercial printing salesman, is the owner of a silver 2001 Audi TT and has driven it for more than 346,193 miles. He bought it in 2001 after he enjoyed an Audi rental vehicle while on vacation with his family. For the past 10 years, deChambeau’s daily commute from St. Cloud to St. Paul has averaged more than 150 miles.

“I drive the car year round. It’s a perfect car for Minnesota because of the quattro feature and good gas mileage. It’s a car that’s made for this part of the world,” said deChambeau. “Out here in Minnesota we use a lot of road salt—but, there’s not a bit of rust on my TT. I’ve had other cars in the past where the bodies go before the engine does because of salt, but not the TT.

“The next magical mark is 400,000,” added deChambeau. “I’m going to find out if I can make it. Besides, my grandson wants to drive it once he gets his license. He says it’s “hot.’”

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