THE ANNUAL PRINTING IMPRESSIONS 400 list can be used as a gauge of the health of the printing industry. Of the 400 companies on the 2006 edition, 287 have seen an increase in sales for the past fiscal year. Additionally, 153 of those 287 have seen double-digit increases.

These are the stories of how some firms that experienced a successful year have bolstered their sales numbers. Dubbed “fast-track firms,” these industry stalwarts are leading the way though innovation, technology and a vision for the future.

Southeastern Printing
Stuart, FL
Most Recent Fiscal Year Sales: $31.71 million
Previous Fiscal Year Sales: $26.64 million
Percentage Change: 29 percent

It’s no surprise to learn that a printer which aims to deliver the best printing in the fastest possible time, with the best possible skill, at the best possible price, boasts a growing list of customers and a healthy hike in annual sales.

Southeastern Printing believes the primary reason for its success has been a dedication to producing a quality product. It has built partnerships with its customers by delivering products and services that exceed clients’ needs. The company further capitalized on an acquisition made in 2005 of a direct competitor, which has increased Southeastern’s market share.

“This was augmented by growth in new value-added services, as well as a creative/consistent sales contest and marketing effort,” reports Don Mader, president of Southeastern Printing. “We have taken a strong stance on bringing additional value-added capabilities in-house in 2006, which included foil stamping, embossing, perfect binding, collating and digital printing.”

To create an advantage, Southeastern initiated an aggressive marketing program, including a unique lead-generation campaign.

“We will stay committed to invest big dollars in sales and marketing in order to achieve our lofty organic growth targets,” Mader promises. “We also plan on capitalizing on our recent ISO certification to assist in attracting larger clients.”

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