Lorraine Press: Printing by the Numbers

Pressroom Manager Kent Brinker, left, and Sales Associate Scott Maxfield, right, discuss
a sheetfed job with Pressman Von Osguthorpe.

Press operators at Lorraine Press, from the left, include Craig Jenson, Hale Sorenson, Von Osguthorpe, Scott Yerke and Pressroom Manager Kent Brinker.

“After our ink manufacturer closed its local facility, I had to buy our ink out of Denver. It had to be shipped over the mountain every time I wanted to get it, so I needed to plan ahead all the time,” Brinker recalls. “This also meant keeping a higher inventory than I wanted to in case we had a big job or something that required a rush, and I didn’t have enough on the floor. I try to do just-in-time if I can. So, that meant a pretty small window of error, because turnaround times can often be pretty narrow.”

Royce introduced him to Van Son inks. Royce became a distributor of Van Son’s Vs Series ink to offer printers in Utah and Idaho enhanced customer support backed by both Van Son’s and Royce’s technical expertise. Lorraine Press buys other press supplies through Royce, including plates and fountain solution.

Measure, Track Results

“If Royce takes a product into its line, I know they really checked it out,” notes Brinker. “Royce figured if they could get us to test it and approve it, then it would help to open up the market for them. Folks tell me that people around town think we wear white lab coats here at Lorraine Press,” he says.

“I attribute this perception to my mentor, Ron Loveless, who instilled in me a passion for measuring and tracking data. His credo was, ‘If you can’t put a number on it, you can’t measure it.’ So, we learned to analyze results in everything we do.”

Brinker was familiar with Van Son from the marketing he had seen in trade publications. However, no matter what may be claimed, just like everything at Lorraine Press, the ink had to pass stringent testing. For the initial trial, the pressroom operators ran Van Son’s ink on different types of substrates with different variables for a full week. It was critical to ensure that all the components used in creating a printed piece remained consistent and matched the digital proof.

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