Lorraine Press: Printing by the Numbers

Pressroom Manager Kent Brinker, left, and Sales Associate Scott Maxfield, right, discuss
a sheetfed job with Pressman Von Osguthorpe.

Press operators at Lorraine Press, from the left, include Craig Jenson, Hale Sorenson, Von Osguthorpe, Scott Yerke and Pressroom Manager Kent Brinker.

Lorraine Press, in Salt Lake City, is named after founder Harry B. Miller’s 
military regiment insignia, the heraldic Cross of Lorraine. Miller had just returned from serving in World War II when he opened Lorraine Press in 1947. With about 35 employees operating out of its 25,000-square-foot facility, Lorraine has always served the high-end commercial market, working with advertising firms and large companies with internal design and marketing departments.

About a year ago, Lorraine updated its logo, adding the words “web,” “marketing” and “print.” The update is a reflection of a new direction for the company—taking on more and more marketing work beyond straight printing. Today, for example, Lorraine provides professional Website design, development and maintenance services.

“We are definitely in the middle of a huge industry change, and we see ourselves going more and more into the marketing services area than ever before,” says Kent Brinker, pressroom manager.

“We are building Websites that are driving consumers to the Internet, and then from the Web we can drive them to print. We recognize that offering marketing and Web services, in conjunction with print, is the future,” he adds. “I don’t see printing coming back like it was in the 1990s. If you just stay purely in printing, it will be tough going.”

Lorraine Press has always stood out in many ways. It has been doing stochastic printing for more than 15 years, and is committed to sustainability. Lorraine has reduced its waste to the local landfill by 75 percent during the past 10 years. Additionally, Lorraine prides itself on its proofing capability.

Having the end product match the proof is one of the most common challenges faced by printers today. And, choosing the right ink is an important part of this capability. But, when its ink manufacturer closed its Salt Lake City facility, the shop struggled to find quick access to ink on short notice. The company turned to Royce Imaging Technologies for a solution; Royce is a dealer Lorraine Press has done business with for more than 20 years. Royce recommended Van Son’s Vs series inks and suggested a test.

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