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Social Media Is Not Major Source for Recommendations, Purchases

According to ForeSee’s “2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report,” which examines trends in customer satisfaction with e-business industries, social media is not found to be a significant source of product recommendations or purchases for most American Internet users. More than eight out of 10 surveyed say they do not seek out product recommendations from these sources.

Do you seek out recommendations for products or services on this site?

Social Media Site — Yes / No
Facebook — 16% / 84%
MySpace — 14% / 86%
Youtube — 17% / 83%

Even fewer surveyed users have actually purchased a product or service based on a social media recommendation. YouTube leads the four social media sites in this area (14 percent), while MySpace is at the bottom of this ranking (8 percent).

Have you ever purchased products or services that were recommended to you on this site?

Social Media Site — Yes / No
Facebook — 12% / 88%
MySpace — 8% / 92%
Youtube — 14% / 86%

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