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Fact Sheet: Consumers, QR Codes and mCommerce

The following data have been compiled from a variety of recent sources covering consumers and their use of mobile phones, QR codes and mCommerce. It shows that print has an important role to play with this technology:

• 31 percent of all U.S. mobile users have smart phones (Source: Nielsen Co.).

• Smart phones are projected to be in the hands of 43 percent of mobile users by late 2015 (Source: eMarketer).

• Many top U.S. brands are using QR codes. These include Starbucks, GMC, Google, The Weather Channel, Best Buy, Ford, Pepsi, Facebook and more.

• 32 percent of mobile device users surveyed said they’ve used a QR code (Source: MGH Marketing).

• Roughly 62 percent of those who have scanned QR codes have done so multiple times (Source: Mobio).

• Seven out of 10 say they would be interested in using a QR code, for either the first time or again (Source: MHG Marketing).

• The majority of QR scanning in the United States is performed by consumers in the 35-44 years of age bracket (25 percent), with steady adoption being seen among those 18-54 years of age (84 percent) (Source: Mobio).

• 37 percent of respondents surveyed in late 2010 said they use mobile devices to browse or research products and services. This figure has grown from 27 percent reported in spring 2010 (Source: ATG).

• Top uses of those who said they have scanned a QR code were to get a promotional deal (53 percent) or obtain additional information (52 percent) (Source: MGH).

• Mobile barcode (1D and 2D) scanning traffic increased more than 800 percent from this time a year ago (Source: ScanLife).

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