Inkjet Printing Market to See Double-Digit Growth, Pira Says

LEATHERHEAD, UK—Nov. 10, 2010—Globally the inkjet market is growing strongly as increasing numbers of print suppliers and label converters move into the market. In the period to 2015, a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.3 percent by value and 10.9 percent by print volume is expected according to a major new study from Pira International

Based on primary research and expert analysis, “The Future of Inkjet printing to 2015” takes an in-depth look at the global markets and developing technologies for industrial and commercial inkjet printing, equipment and ink. The study includes five-year forecasts for global markets, broken down by region, supplier market and end-use sector, with exclusive assessment of current and emerging trends and technologies. It also includes profiles of leading inkjet suppliers.

According to Pira, the inkjet process is making inroads into the sizeable markets for graphics, labels, packaging and signage, where it is expected to be the major commercial printing process in the next 15󈞅 years. Adam Page, Head of Editorial at Pira explains: “The process is so flexible that there are many discrete sectors. In each one: narrow web, wide web, wide and grand-format, high speed flatbed, sheetfed and miscellaneous integrations, we are seeing faster, higher quality and critically more reliable machines. These provide significant benefits to commercial and industrial users who are taking on the technology.”

The total inkjet print market in 2009 was $26.8 billion, 58.2 percent higher than in 2005. Pira expects continuing growth, averaging 10.3 percent CAGR from 2010󈝻 when it predicts the market will be worth $46.5 billion. That is the equivalent of 352.6 billion A4 prints, up 68.1 percent from 2010.

In value terms, signage (point of sale, posters, exhibition graphics, banners, vehicle livery and building wraps) dominates the market. Signage and display inkjet markets have developed rapidly as screen printers and converters saw their marketplace move toward lower print runs and faster turnaround.

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