ColorFX Makes the Inner City 100 List of Fastest-Growing Urban Businesses

The Inner City 100 list provides unmatched original data on the fastest growing inner city businesses in the United States. In the last 14 years, 720 different companies have earned positions on the Inner City 100, collectively generating more than $2.2 billion in annual revenues and creating nearly 73,000 new jobs. Chevron Corporation, Staples and Goldman Sachs are long-time sponsors of the program.

For the 2012 list, winners represent a wide span of geography, operating in 46 cities and 30 states. The 2012 Inner City 100 winners grew at a compound annual growth rate of 40 percent and an average standard growth rate of 577 percent between 2006 and 2010.

Collectively, the top 100 inner city businesses employ 7,965 employees and have created more than 4,635 new jobs between 2006 and 2010. Not only are they powerful job creators in their communities, but they also treat their employees well—a stunning 93 precent of the list provide health insurance.

“We are delighted to celebrate businesses like ColorFX Inc. Sun Valley, California that are playing a critical role in revitalizing communities across the country. Through their achievements, the Inner City 100 winners exemplify America’s remarkable potential and the future of our urban centers,” said Mary Kay Leonard, ICIC president and CEO. “These extraordinary companies demonstrate the market potential that exists within our inner cities and the growth that is at the heart of all urban entrepreneurial successes.”

The list is proof of concept that doing business in an inner city area holds a distinct competitive advantage. ICIC has been studying the economic condition of the largest 100 American cities for more than a decade and is working to revitalize inner cities across the country.

Highlights of the 2012 Inner City 100 include:

• Employ 7,965 workers and have created 4,635 new jobs in the last five years.

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