Color Scanners–The Color of Digital Originals

The migration from scanning in CMYK formats to the CIELAB format, which offers flexible re-purposing using ICC-standard profiling, is promoting faster adoption of device-independent, multimedia publishing workflows, asserts Rogers.

“Apple and Microsoft have become serious in their involvement by utilizing Heidelberg’s LinoColor CIELAB-based color management engine in their operating systems,” Rogers reports. “The move to CIELAB scanning is further fueled by moves to make CTP devices, as well as RIPs, part of the ICC workflow.”

Scitex implemented the ICC concept into its scanner activities years ago, with tools that are continuously being updated as technologies become available, reports Ziv Argov, product marketing manager for input systems at Scitex America.

“The EverSmart application is a complete ICC solution. The scanner is able to capture the maximum density with the accurate color and details using its XY scanning technology,” Argov states. Looking at the EverSmart, information is stored as the scanner originally sees it—an RGB file.

An input ICC profile can be embedded to each scan. The preview picture is displayed automatically using the default system ICC display profile.

“The ICC concept has given the industry a standard way of transforming colors, but the transformation is still dependent on the original data quality,” Argov explains.

Still, there is a great deal of opinion regarding the complexity involved within ICC profiles.

Why? Well, from an input device standpoint, creating an ICC profile today does not necessarily mean color will be matched properly on the output side—where the rubber meets the road, as Allen J. Dunn, senior product development manager, Electronic Imaging, Fujifilm, explains.

“While the concept of profiling and using ICC profiles is somewhat common for input devices, it’s using these profiles and actually having an impact on output devices, such as color proofers, where the real challenge begins,” Dunn contends.

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