Color FX Created and Donated Printed Materials to Award-Winning Movie

SUN VALLEY, CA—Oct. 5, 2012—Color FX, the family-owned and operated Southern Californian printing company, created and donated all the printed materials for the film “My Uncle Rafael.” This contribution to the award-winning film is part of Color FX’s commitment to providing its quality services to the community. “My Uncle Rafael” was recently released in theaters in the United States and Canada and has been the recipient of several awards and accolades among the film industry.

Color FX is regarded as one of the best sources for wholesale commercial printing services on the market. Its commitment to quality service and craftsmanship goes beyond industry standards. The company also has a dedication to preserving the environment by utilizing eco-friendly supplies and to supporting projects within the community, like its recent donation to the movie “My Uncle Rafael.”

The critically acclaimed movie is groundbreaking for being the first American comedy to use the Armenian culture as a backdrop. The movie has been well received and has earned many awards, including the “Audience Choice Award” at the Pomegranate Film Festival 2011 in Toronto and “Best Director” at the ARPA International Film Festival 2011. Color FX is proud to be a part of this monumental and historic film.

About Color FX

Founded more than 17 years ago, Color FX, Inc. is a Southern Californian family-owned and operated printing company. Located in Sun Valley, CA, its facility is a 28,000-sq.ft. building dedicated to wholesale trade printing and more. The printer is dedicated to quality, with a highly trained staff utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including the Xerox iGen4 Printer.

About “My Uncle Raphael”

“My Uncle Raphael” is a multi award-winning movie based on characters from an Armenian stage comedy, named “Rafael Keri Gandzere.” This film is written by Vahik Pirhamzei and Scott Yagemann, is directed by Marc Fusco, and stars the award-winning film stars Vahik Pirhamzei, Missi Pyle, John Michael Higgins, Anthony Clark, Jo Lo Truglio, Rachel Blanchard, Carly Chaikin and Sage Ryan. “My Uncle Raphael” was released in theaters in the US and Canada on September 21st.

Source: Color FX.