Cobb EMC, Gas South Working with DST Output to Use Digital Mail Via Zumbox

Zumbox provides an innovative paper suppression alternative to address the remaining percentage of consumers who may go paperless, offering an opportunity for transactional mailers to address more than $20 billion in direct print mail costs.

“While many industries have been slow to offer new digital billing options, Cobb EMC and Gas South are leading the utility industry inadopting a solution for increasing paper suppression rates and enhancing customer communications,” said John Payne, CEO of Zumbox. “Digital postal mail is the way forward. Our relationships with print service providers like DSTOutput allow us to efficiently bring both cost savings and new revenue opportunities to other industries around the globe.”

Digital postal mail eliminates the need for mailboxes, file drawers and bankers boxes with a central, secure digital repository for mail and documents based upon household residence address. Zumbox has created a digital mailbox for every street address in the United States, connecting large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the protected, on-time delivery of postal mail online. The service provides a simple, environmentally friendly place to receive, interact with and archive important household mail forever, for free.

For utility companies, in addition to providing cost savings from paper suppression, Zumbox directs customers to lowest cost payment andcustomer support options and can provide other relevant messages via an interactive panel below the bills and statements for strengthened customer communication.

About DST Output
DST Output provides integrated print and electronic statement and billing output solutions to many of the country’s largest financial services, communications, insurance, healthcare, and utilities companies. Last year, DST Output and its affiliates produced more than 3 billion customer communications, delivered throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom via postal service, express delivery and electronically. We are one of the largest First-Class mailers in the United States.

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