CMYK Distributors to Showcase InkZone Products at PRINT 13

WEYMOUTH, MA—August 20, 2013—CMYK Distributors, the exclusive North American distributor of Digital Information’s InkZone ink-presetting and closed-loop technology, is pleased to announce that it will be demonstrating the latest advances in waste reduction technology and pressroom automation at their booths, 969 and 970, at PRINT 13 in Chicago on September 8󈝸, 2013. Pressroom automation and waste reduction technology are key to efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Trade show attendees will be able to witness firsthand the benefits of InkZone and will learn how the latest enhancements to the InkZone product line can automate their pressroom, bringing even older, legacy printing presses into the 21st century.

The InkZone product line delivers state-of-the-art ink key presetting technology for almost all offset presses via network and the first closed-loop color solution for digital ink control on offset presses from all leading press manufacturers. The InkZone suite of solutions is a valuable enhancement to any pressroom interested in innovative products and services designed to automate, reduce waste, and increase productivity. Featuring the ability to monitor trends and track job history, utilization of a rollback feature to revert ink key positioning, and the creation of ink key preset linearization curves based on measurement data, InkZone enables commercial printers to realize substantially shorter makeready time and a remarkable reduction in paper waste, paired with considerably-improved color quality. InkZone’s BestMatch feature for controlling color on press based on LAB/Delta E allows press operators to achieve and maintain the entire sheet within the specified tolerances. With InkZone, the accuracy of the data being sent to the press is consistent, enabling customers to achieve run-to color more quickly than ever before.

Taking comprehensive quality color control to the next level, InkZone Instrument Flight by System Brunner is the premium upgraded product solution for InkZone for color verification, process diagnosis, and quality assessment, allowing users to harness the power of the world’s leading closed-loop instrumentation with the most sophisticated technology in standardization and printing process verification. Color control with the priority on color/gray balance leads to optimal color consistency with a high level of automation. InkZone Instrument Flight by System Brunner safeguards the print results in accordance with international standardization concepts (Globalstandard, ISO/PSO, G7) and rates print quality based on System Brunner’s 5-Star quality rating system. Moreover, the system permits extensive print process diagnosis in real time that enables problems with the process or materials to be recognized and resolved at an early stage. Key benefits of InkZone Instrument Flight by System Brunner include:

  • Optimal color consistency
  • Better harmony between human color perception and control software
  • The most comprehensive Industry standards
  • Quality rating with the System Brunner Five-Star Score
  • The most comprehensive printing process diagnosis
  • Permanent training tool, optimized communication between the prepress and printing operations

About CMYK Distributors
CMYK Distributors, headquartered in Weymouth, MA, is the leading distributor and installer of graphics and printing products that bring automation and waste reduction technology to the industry, while conserving environmental resources. CMYK Distributors is the exclusive distributor of Digital Information products in North America, including the renowned InkZone product line. CMYK Distributors also has exclusive U.S. distribution rights to Filter Klear Fountain Filtration Systems by KeystoneCorporation, a Met-Pro company.

About Digital Information
Digital Information was founded in 1990 in Switzerland by Michael Haenni and Christoph Bugs, both IT specialists with a background in media. Today, the company is internationally recognized in the graphics industry for the quality and ROI of its ink-presets and closed-loop technology products. In close collaboration with a growing number of partners, Digital Information develops and produces software and hardware based solutions for the graphics industry. With several thousand installed licenses, DI-Plot has become a standard name in the graphics industry. The InkZone product line, launched by Digital Information in 2001, has enabled commercial printers to integrate their existing and new presses into their digital networks.

About System Brunner
System Brunner, global leader in process control, color control, quality assurance and standardization, develops and markets system solutions for the graphics industry. For more than 30 years System Brunner has led the way in the definition of industry standards for classic printing processes, from prepress through to printing. System Brunner‘s competence is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the printing processes and highly developed measuring, interpretation and evaluation methods. EUROSTANDARD/GLOBALSTANDARD is the most comprehensive, internationally recognized industry standard. The reference values are integrated in all the products with INSTRUMENT FLIGHT*technology. System Brunner partners are: QuadTech, KBA, manroland, Digital Information.

Source: CMYK Distributors.

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