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Advertisement the Dotcom Move

September 2000
A spinoff of L.P. Thebault, is focusing on Fortune 2000 accounts.


There is no denying that is a product of the cyberspace times. However, there is a method to the madness of "dotcomology" for this son of a printer—not just a move to cyberspace for the sake of being technologically chic.

Formed in July 1999, marked the beginning of what would ultimately become a web, if you will, of alliances, services and supply chains bound together by a single mantra: offering the ultimate in end-to-end solutions. In essence,—an application service provider (ASP)—stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the sexiest, smartest e-business, technology and supply chain leaders in order to stand alone.

"Our vision," states Mark Hausser, senior vice president of client services and one of four men who set the original framework for Whippany, NJ-based, "was very much client-driven. When we looked at what our clients were asking for and where the Internet was going, it made good business sense to spin out of L.P. Thebault (LPT) a dotcom solution as a separate entity to serve the growing marketplace of online print and procurement needs."

Hausser, CEO Jeff Kaufman, Steve Flood, vice president of operations and customer relationship management, and Craig Garno, vice president of information services, joined Thebault two years ago to help identify the future of its business. It was here that's original strategy to leverage the Internet to automate the processes of procuring print was formed.

"At the time, a Fortune 50 telecommunications company had come to LPT and asked it to develop an extranet application to automate the process of all their print procurement," Hausser notes. "Thebault was also using the Internet as a vehicle to develop one-to-one marketing campaigns by capturing data off of Internet sites and driving that to variable print devices." emerged with $28 million in funding, 100 years' worth of domain experience and a suite of services that embodies the ideal end-to-end solution.

The services:
* Order-It: Aimed at individuals responsible for print procurement, Order-It is an automated, online ordering system that enables companies to streamline the purchase of printed collateral, reduce time to market, enhance storage efficiency and decrease warehouse costs.

Online estimating and job tracking are other attractive features of Order-It. Suppliers are also linked to this technology and are able to collaboratively work through projects. Price-It, a component of Order-It, is an automated, online pricing engine that enables companies to input their job specifications and receive back a real-time price estimate from suppliers, reducing the time from days to seconds.



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