CIP4 Announces 2009 CIPPI Awards Program

“Last year we also saw the first emerging market winner from Pragati Offset in India, as well as hugely innovative implementations from folks like Cox Targeted Media and Print Plaza,” said CIP4 executive director James Harvey. “We expect to see more global usage of JDF in the CIPPI Awards Program, as well as further innovations. Given the economic environment, we know a lot of printers are turning to print automation with JDF to capture cost savings quickly, and it will be interesting to see what creative solutions printers and their vendors come up with to improve their bottom line in short order.”

Any printer, prepress service or publisher may apply for the CIPPI awards, which are determined by the review panel of judges without affiliation to any vendor, printer, prepress service or publisher. Each application is eligible for one regional award, as well as an award in one or more of the main categories. The five review panel judges are:

– Patrick Cahuet of 1Prime|Concept (France)
– Bill Esler of Graphic Arts Monthly (USA)
– Stephan Jaeggi of PrePress-Consulting (Switzerland)
– Tetsuo Kimura of PrinTechno, Inc. (Japan)
– John Leininger of Clemson University (USA)

Bill Esler, the editor and chief of Graphic Arts Monthly magazine, replaces William Lamparter of PrintCom Consulting as a judge. Bill has followed the CIPPI awards program in his magazine over the last few years and looks forward to participating in the program.

Details on the CIPPI Awards Program, case studies from previous winners, 2009 CIPPI award applications forms may be downloaded from The CIPPI award is named after the late Jürgen Schönhut of the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt Germany. Mr. Schönhut was a founding member of CIP4 whose contribution was instrumental in creating both CIP4 and its predecessor, the CIP3 Consortium. (For more information on Jürgen Schönhut please see his biography at:

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