CIP3?The Task of Automating Print

The second installment of Printing Impressions’ year-long CIP3 report profiles the activities of Scitex, most notably its InkPRO, and shares the prepress technology provider’s take on full digital workflow integration.

At Scitex America, Leigh Kimmelman believes that CIP3, in theory, is conceptually sound in its mission to automate production processes from prepress to postpress. As product marketing manager for output imaging systems, Kimmelman must track CIP3 activities and increase market awareness of the latest Scitex CIP3 technologies.

Kimmelman has been one busy guy, as has his CIP3 European counterpart, Les Bovenlander, marketing manager/commercial printers, for Scitex. Bovenlander is instrumental in overseeing the implementation of Scitex’s CIP3 technologies in England—such as at the English printer CBE 2000, a radically digital facility in the hills of Birmingham—and throughout Europe and Asia.

So, gentlemen, why the overtime?

“The graphic arts industry is focused on replacing conventional tools with digital tools to oversee every aspect of the print production process,” Kimmelman answers. “As part of this focus, we at Scitex are continuing our development of digital tools for the entire workflow, from prepress to postpress, under the umbrella of CIP3.”

One such tool, Scitex’s InkPRO ink management software module, is a newly launched application designed to digitize the entire ink keying process. The software, which assures print predictability and maximizes productivity, supports CIP3 standards.

A component in the Scitex Lotem 800V workflow, InkPRO software supports the CIP3 Print Production Format (PPF), which seeks to reduce press makeready and setup for finishing equipment by adopting standard, cross-vendor machine languages and by digitally linking all procedures.

Recently made available to the market, InkPRO endured extensive beta-testing in North America, Asia and Europe.

“Scitex InkPRO software provides commercial printers with a powerful tool to help them meet their customers’ demands for faster job turnaround times, while still complying with more stringent environmental requirements regarding ink and paper waste,” reports Michael Nagler, corporate vice president and general manager of Graphic Arts Products at Scitex.

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