CIP3 Comes Home

Still, has the CIP3 movement truly permeated the prepress-to-postpress activities of commercial printing? Yes and No. While there are dozens of commercial printers in the United States testing and operating all-digital workflows that adhere to the PPF, these printers, for today, are in the minority. Hesitation exists.

Despite the fact that there are proven products in the market that permit the full-tilt digitization of the print production process, there remains a sense of “wait and see” in the printing industry. Not to worry, though, once it catches on, adoption could become rapid.

Some CIP3 prepress initiatives at DRUPA 2000 include the Apogee InkDrive by Agfa; CelebraNT RIP by Fujifilm; DeltaTechnology and Signastation by Heidelberg Prepress; and Harlequin’s ScriptWorks RIP management system, sold through OEM partners. DRUPA 2000 may also be a show of shows for CIP3 technologies including the likes of Impostrip by Ultimate Technographics, InkPlanner by Barco Graphics, Creo’s PrintLink and TaigaSPACE by Dainippon Screen.

Outside the digital prepress realm at DRUPA 2000 will most likely be CIP3 technologies such as CIP3 Interpreter from Graphics Microsystems and MAN Roland’s PECOM technology, as well as Heidelberg’s CPC 32 press interface, which reads a CIP3 file created by Heidelberg’s Delta module, PressGate. Heidelberg’s CPC 32 then calculates and presets ink zone coverage on Speedmaster presses.

The CPC 32 prepress interface values are obtained directly from a PPF file produced during the prepress process and are transferred to the press via a flash memory card or by wire. That reduces makeready time, since the device eliminates the need for the press operator to manually adjust each printing unit’s ink zone settings. An ancillary benefit is more precise presetting of ink zones. In the bindery, Heidelberg offers the Polar Compucut, which uses CIP3 PPFs to program cutting systems automatically from prepress data, which, naturally, trims production time and eliminates the possibility of input errors.

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