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Cincinnati State's Promotion Puts Some Life Back into Printing

October 23, 2009

Walton considers the specialties he uses to augment the program as multi-dimensional, explaining that while they function as motivational rewards, they're also effective as recruitment and advertising tools. He ultimately hopes to generate interest among printing companies, in backing the program in their particular communities, including the funding to produce various promotional products. This, he says, will be much easier to accomplish if the program is spearheaded by the IGAEA. Another idea Walton has is for individual instructors and students to have their school’s names imprinted with the slogan, so students who receive the products can act as recruiters for that class. "They'll become walking billboards," he says.

The first year's results of "Life revolves around Print,"  have been encouraging. Day and evening enrollment in our printing program is the highest it's ever been in ten years. The printing students are more motivated to work in class. Walton believes the program has made a definite contribution to these advances and sees the potential for much more in the future. "It makes young people aware of the opportunities in printing," he says, adding that he hopes to see the industry brought back to at least a portion of its former glory.

With the program-and a little help from good PR specialties-who knows?


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