Chroma Copy Imaging–Driving Ahead Of Market Demand

Many businesses need communications materials in an instant these days. With the speed at which information changes, materials become outdated soon after they’re printed, rendering the practice of outputting large quantities for storage and use over time impractical.

Visual communication graphics especially are custom-tailored for each specific audience and use, printed on-demand, and shipped right before they’re needed.

But, with the downsizing, outsourcing and streamlining of the past decade, increasing numbers of businesses don’t have the staff or the time to manage multiple vendors to make this happen. They’re searching for vendors that offer production expertise, a range of on-demand output, customized service, as well as image file management and national fulfillment capabilities—with blistering turnaround and high quality as givens—all under one roof.

Company Profile
Name: Chroma Copy Imaging
Location: San Francisco
Key Markets: visual merchandising for retail; graphic presentations for trade-show booths; on-demand output

In the Bay area, some of the largest retail and high-technology businesses with visual communications needs turn to Chroma Copy Imaging, a San Francisco-based single-source provider of comprehensive large- and small-format graphics solutions.

Not a traditional offset printing house, Chroma Copy is equipped for on-demand photographic and ink-jet output. The firm combines capabilities formerly found at blueprint companies and photo labs with digital technology and a commitment to guiding projects from the concept stage through delivery.

This intermingling of different production methods might suggest that Chroma Copy represents a new type of business. But principal Jacky Andrews feels differently. “It’s not that the company’s output is unique,” she says, “it’s that we apply the available technology in unique ways.

“Our strategy is to invest in the best equipment, the best people and the most efficient software, and to combine those components in any way that delivers customized solutions for each client.”

Production Manager James Cacciatore agrees. “This is a fast-paced business,” he says, “and it’s only getting faster with each new technology breakthrough. In addition to keeping up with those changes, we also need to respond to each client’s individual needs.

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