Choices: Paper vs. Electronic –Cagle

Bits and Pieces IN THE spirit of not only keeping you informed of the latest news and information regarding your favorite industry, we have decided to introduce a new feature, Printers’ Pulse, penned by yours truly. But, for this particular feature to hold any sustained interest, we will need you, the reader, to do a majority of the writing.

The Web-only feature debuted in December on (I’ll resist the cheap giggle about still developing the sheetfed version). Ideally, the blog topics will be stimulating enough to persuade you to tap out a few choice words of your own on the given subject. And, maybe your thoughts will cause a few other people to respond with some of their own ideas.

Think of Printers’ Pulse as your local tavern for printers, a place where you can sit down, chew the fat and enjoy the perspectives of other men and women in our business. While we won’t be stoking fires for the sake of sensationalizing the news of the day, we can take a whack at whatever tickles our fancy. There are no sacred cows in our business.

You don’t need to mix words; and fear not, we won’t be grading you on punctuation and grammar. Just resist the temptation of tearing another person’s views to shreds…or at least don’t be malicious about it. You can certainly read me the riot act if you want, or you may find a more productive path in showing me the error of my ways. That is, if you can find fault with the things I say. I’ve often been referred to as Plato by my wife, in a testament to my oratory and debating skills.

Then again, I suppose she might have been saying Play-Doh, which would explain the smirk.

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