Segerdahl Group Transforms Identity, Now Called SG360°

WHEELING, IL—Segerdahl Group has undergone a full-scale identity shift, rebranding itself as SG360°. The firm claims it is bringing “empirical direct marketing solutions” to the marketplace with “cutting-edge” services and capabilities, including a proprietary customer analytics model.

“This is not just a name and logo change,” said Rick Joutras, CEO. “We are fundamentally changing the way we approach our business and the things we do every day to help our customers make deeper connections with their customers. As we are witnessing the industry under distress, we are redefining our approach to business and our peoples’ passion and dedication will make it happen.”

Joutras adds, “We couldn’t be more energized to take this momentous step at improving our company’s capabilities, broadening the industry and helping our clients reach their full sales potential.”

SG360° is based upon three foundational pillars: BRANDIRECTions, IMPRESSions and EXPRESSions. This unites traditional expertise with resources and new media savvy, allowing direct marketers to communicate with individual customers on a more personal level.

Under SG360° BRANDIRECTions, direct marketing solutions are optimized from start to finish through services that include national online testing panels, behavioral segmentation, predictive modeling and lifecycle integration. These proprietary analytics will be present at every phase of the SG360° operation.

SG360° IMPRESSions concentrates on realizing a strategic vision through in-line web printing, sheetfed offset printing and variable digital printing to reach any level of audience. Under SG360° EXPRESSions, final production, hand assembly, finishing, secured assembly, mailing and distribution logistics, direct mail pieces are shaped, crafted and placed in the hands of the consumer. SG360°’s mailing capabilities provide cost savings through co-mingling, co-palletization and drop ship optimization.

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