CGX Paves Future with Leadership Program

HOUSTON—Like a championship-caliber sports team, Consolidated Graphics (CGX) is populating its star managerial ranks via a feeder system.

The company’s future stars, more than 100 in all, were on parade July 29-31 during the sixth annual CGX National Associates Meeting, held at the posh Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa. All of those in attendance were current or past members of the company’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), a collection of the industry’s best and brightest culled from colleges and universities nationwide.

The Associates Meeting builds upon the leadership program at the local level by providing opportunities for networking, education, problem solving and growing sales. And, in an effort to continuously build skills, the breakout sessions were presented by fellow associates.

According to Rachel Koenig, national manager of recruiting and development, 61 CGX member companies are participating in the LDP, which generally lasts two to three years, and 10 of the program’s graduates are company presidents. Her recruitment team will visit 70 colleges and universities in the fall in search of the next generation for CGX.

Finding candidates worthy of joining the LDP is a long and involved task, which begins with discovering young men and women with basic tools including work ethic, communication skills and leadership ability. Last year, the company interviewed 1,200 people spread over 70 schools, invited 250 to visit CGX corporate, and tendered offers to 80, of which 50 were hired.

According to Joe Davis, president and CEO of CGX, it is important to train the associates on the company’s philosophy at an early age. And though it is rare that an employee will remain with the company throughout his/her entire career, it is not surprising to see former associates join the ranks of CGX’s customer employee base.

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