Cenveo Reports Smaller Loss on Lower Sales

Robert G. Burton, Sr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated: “We are very pleased with the Company’s fourth quarter performance. Despite a challenging economic environment, we were able to deliver on our financial commitments with sequential improvements throughout the year. We also continued to see stabilization in many of the product markets we serve. These market improvements, combined with the cost savings actions we implemented earlier in the year and our successful integration of the Nashua acquisition, helped us increase operational performance and drive stronger cash flow. Our focus on cost reductions allowed us to deliver Non-GAAP operating income margins of 9.9% for the quarter, while our emphasis on generating strong cash flows helped us reduce debt by $47.7 million during the fourth quarter.”

Burton concluded: “2009 was the most challenging year I ever experienced in my business career. The economic events that affected our industry were truly unprecedented and previously unthinkable. Cenveo’s skilled and talented employees rose to meet every challenge confronting us and, in the process, we distinguished ourselves through our quality service to our customers. I am truly thankful for all the hard work by our employees under the leadership of our senior management team and I appreciate their dedication demonstrated during this truly historic period.”

“As we now place our full attention on 2010, I feel there will be a solid rebound this year for the major players in the printing industry, including Cenveo. The two recently announced M&A transactions indicate there will be continued industry consolidation to reduce excess capacity. I remain optimistic about our Company’s future prospects and, despite continued uncertainty in the macro-economic environment, I am confident that Cenveo’s long-term game plan of investing in strong niche product opportunities will yield dividends to us in 2010. This expectation, along with the continued positive trends in our product markets and the strong performance we have seen from Nashua to date, supports my belief that Cenveo’s financial goals of $250 million in Adjusted EBITDA and approximately $120 million free cash flow are well within reach. To personally demonstrate my conviction in the Company’s prospects, I recently purchased approximately $500,000 of Cenveo stock in the open market and doubled my Employee Stock Purchase Plan contribution to $20,000 a month. I look forward to our conference call tomorrow to discuss in more depth our positive 2010 outlook for Cenveo.”

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