CDS Publications Installs Automated Casebinding Technology

MEDFORD, OR—August 10, 2011—CDS Publications, a Consolidated Graphics company, announced the installation of Muller Martini’s Diamant MC 35 Bookline technology to facilitate the manufacturing of a wide range of printed book products, including textbooks and high-quality commercial work. It’s the first installation of this automated casebinding equipment in the western United States and offers a state-of-the-art book binding alternative for customers along the Pacific Coast and throughout the western U.S. region.

The Diamant MC 35 Bookline produces up to 2,100 books per hour, while delivering optimum quality. Oblong format books can be produced as well as books only two millimeters thick or even large format books. Its in-line design guarantees a high level of efficiency, even in the case of small runs. The system accommodates standard hardcover books, as well as books with integral, full-flap or even plastic covers.

“We have a strong commitment to staying ahead of the curve in quality, efficiency, and innovation in order to meet our customers’ evolving needs, and the Diamant MC 35 equipment was chosen because it met our quality and throughput requirements,” said Steven A. Brown, President of CDS Publications. “Of particular benefit, this technology effectively binds one-off books, with varying page counts, at high speeds previously only associated with traditional binding methods.”

“At CDS, this new equipment has increased throughput and expanded bindery offerings for our digital, heatset and sheetfed presses. We believe we are making the highest quality casebound books in the industry,” added Brown.

Hard cover casebound book are frequently the choice of customers seeking an impressive product appearance and endurance to withstand heavy usage. CDS Publications has a growing specialty in soft-cover and hardcover book production, both for static and personalized volumes.

About CDS Publications
Founded in 1906, CDS Publications is a Consolidated Graphics company based in Medford, OR, and specializes in simple-to-complex printing solutions for a range of customers in many different industries, including education, technology, catalog, healthcare, custom publishing and financial services. CDS Publications’ capabilities span digital and analog technologies, and deliver customized front-end program development support and back-end distribution solutions. CDS Publications also provides a local, seamless point of access for print production in Europe and Asia.

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