‘Catalog Challenge’ Issued by Publisher to Promote Print

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA—Nov. 19, 2012—While some view the printed catalog as a dinosaur lumbering quietly into extinction, retailers have reinvented the catalog shopping experience to amplify their overall sales strategy this holiday season. NewPoint Media Group, publisher of “The Real Estate Book” among other titles, recently launched a “Catalog Challenge” to illuminate retailers’ embrace of the printed catalog as vital in their overall marketing strategy.

“Catalogs have always been valuable,” says Scott Dixon, CEO of NewPoint. “There are traits inherent to this type of media and this type of advertising that are not viable through other media. For example, the quality of the printed piece adds credibility to the brand. The tactical presence of the page evokes a sensory and emotional connection to the brand and the interruptive nature intersects with a consumer—in their mailbox, on a counter top, or in a rack.”

The Direct Marketing Assn. estimates that 12.5 billion print catalogs are mailed each year and new interactive features such as QR codes, text codes, and augmented reality have redefined the catalog shopping experience.

“We’ve always known that one of the top ways to drive traffic to a website was to advertise that site offline. You see it everywhere. Now, the offline and online lines are blurred. It’s about the total engagement in the brand—whether that’s in print, on a website, a social network, or a mobile app,” Dixon added. “Consumers really expect to be able to interact with a brand through their means of choice—not ours. Online retailers such as Zappos and Amazon are learning what traditional brick and mortar retailers like J. Crew, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s already knew. ”

To further demonstrate its point, NewPoint has launched a “Catalog Challenge” contest this holiday season, encouraging their customers and prospects to collect the cover of every holiday catalog they receive this season and mail them in by Jan. 15, 2013, for a chance to win $1,000.

“People shop catalogs. As a child, did you ever dream through the holiday catalogs, turning down pages, circling items, and making detailed lists based on your extensive research? “Dixon said. “We still do that today—and then go online or in to the store to buy. Some online only retailers estimate that almost half of their online sales come from catalog shoppers. ”

Learn more about the contest online.

About NewPoint
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Source: NewPoint.