Canon Solutions America Partners with The Morikami Museum and Gardens to Promote Japanese Culture

BOCA RATON, FL—June 4, 2013—Canon Solutions America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., today announced an exciting partnership that will help introduce generations of Americans to an enduring Japanese art form.

Wood Be Kindred Spirits, an exhibit of Japanese kokeshi dolls from the collection of Robert J. “Bob” Brokop, will be on display at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, FL, from June 4 to September 15, 2013. The wood lathe-turned dolls originated in the 19th century near the hot spring areas in northern Japan. Prized for their simple shapes and whimsical child-like expressions, kokeshi dolls became popular among American tourists after World War II, when they came to be viewed as messengers of peace.

While the exhibit features one of the largest and never-before-seen collections of kokeshi in the United States, The Morikami lacked the funding to produce an exhibition catalog that would do justice to the treasured little figures. But then Canon stepped in.

Canon Solutions America had partnered with The Morikami on various past projects. Its involvement in this particular endeavor began with Brian Gallipeau, Senior Director, Service, Canon Solutions America, who also sits on The Morikami’s Board of Trustees. Gallipeau immediately recognized the kokeshi exhibit not only as an opportunity for CSA to give back to the community, but also as a natural tie-in to Canon’s corporate philosophy, kyosei, defined as “all people—regardless of race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.”

“At Canon, we have a proud, unwavering tradition to protect and preserve our most precious of resources—the world we share,” said Gallipeau. “The kokeshi dolls—with their message of peace and harmony and their own proud heritage—exemplify the spirit of kyosei as they build a bridge across the lands and from the past to the future.”

In what turned out to be a true end-to-end imaging story—and truly in the spirit of kyosei—Canon provided photographic equipment, along with design and print support for the Wood Be Kindred Spirits exhibition catalog.

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