C&S Press: Service With a Savings

Plant manager Tony Barongi, shown on the left, and pressman Joe Tereskun inspect a proof from C&S Press’ new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 equipped with Anicolor technology.

Rise and Shine

Consistency has been another hallmark for C&S, which has enjoyed steady growth—to the tune of 5 percent to 10 percent per year. A single- and two-color printer when it debuted in 1985, the company has billowed to more than $9 million in annual sales.

Until recently, C&S’ biggest presses—a pair of six-color, 29? Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74s (one with an aqueous coater)—were perfectors. Last November, the company installed a new four-color, 20? Speedmaster SM 52 equipped with Heidelberg’s Anicolor zoneless short inking unit and dampening system. The short makereadies and paper savings achieved on the SM 52 have proven to be pivotal for C&S, which also took advantage of benefits derived from last year’s U.S. economic stimulus package.

“With the Anicolor technology, we’re literally talking five minutes and 50 or less sheets for a –makeready on a four-color job,” says Ellis, who notes the company saves more than $8,000 a year in ink. “The paper savings on the makereadies are equal to the cost of the press payment. We can now compete with short-run sheetfed and digital print shops for short-run work. Plus, we can make a higher profit margin on jobs and produce them for a lesser amount.

“We feel that the SM 52 with Anicolor is an ideal press for a stressed economy, where the print buyer is looking for the cheapest price. Yet, we also maintain great quality,” adds Ellis.

Tantillo loves the reduced –makeready waste with the press, speaking to the needs of the environmentally conscious customer. He also feels it holds a quality advantage over digital output, in that it can deliver more consistency to the printing and branding efforts of advertising agencies.

Ellis believes that, for his company, the sheetfed press fits in line with its needs. “We looked at digital presses, thinking that was the only way to go,” he remarks. “We would’ve been looking at click fees that, for a million impressions a month, would run our consumables to about $50,000 a month. With the SM 52, we only spend $10,000 a month on ink and plates, things like that.”

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