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Camp CMS Boosts Websites –Farquharson/Tedesco

August 2011

Pack your bags and kiss your loved ones goodbye for a few weeks. You're getting on a bus and heading into the wilderness to Camp Content Management Systems. What's that? What your printing business really needs is to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of modern life and focus for a bit…on its Website.

Of all the marketing and branding tools in a printing company's toolbox—the Website—continues to rank among the most important. It's the first place many prospects visit for information on your business, and it's often where prospects end up when searching online for the services you provide. If your business Website isn't impeccably-branded and bursting with fresh content, you may be missing out on sales opportunities. You'd be better off with sunburn.

But here's the rub: If you've redesigned your Website in the past couple of years, you may have found that keeping it updated can be a pain. Using an outside developer to make updates usually adds hassle and cost, yet many printing company owners lack the time and extensive Web development knowledge to do it themselves. The bottom line: Until recently, it was often challenging or next-to-impossible for many businesses to harness the full power of their site as a marketing device.

At least you don't have poison ivy. Fortunately for printing companies, however, relatively new content management system (CMS) tools such as Wordpress and Drupal greatly reduce the technical know-how needed to maintain a fresh-looking site.

Once your site has been designed and launched by a professional Web developer, CMS tools help your company or an outside marketing resource deliver the timely, dynamic content your visitors—and customers—crave.

CMS from A to Z

Ready to get started? Grab your sunblock, bug spray and canteen because today is the first day of Camp Content Management Systems. Join counselors T.J. and Bill for today's itinerary, which includes several programs that will explore how content management systems can help every printing business maintain a more effective Website.

10 a.m – Exercise: Trim CMS Development and Maintenance Costs. Before we begin, swim one lap around Lake WannaWebsite for every dollar you may save by switching from a site managed by a dedicated Web resource to a CMS-based site managed yourself. Just kidding; you'd be swimming until 2 a.m.



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